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At LaBar Adams we are committed to our clients. We make every effort both at the law firm and at court to obtain the best possible result on behalf of our clients. Below are some of our client reviews, taken from review sites including Google, AVVO and Lawyers.com. Click the following link if you’d like to read all of LaBar Adams client reviews

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Employment Issue.

Scott and Judy were both a pleasure to work with. They satyed on top of my case and kept me informed as information became available. Very knowledgeable and professional on all levels. I was very comfortable when speaking with either of them in person or on the phone. Their office is very nice and inviting. I will reccomend their law firm to any and all when the opportunity presents it's self.
– Jenn, @ AVVO

Mr. Adams is an excellent lawyer because he managed my case in an promptly fashion. He kept me informed all the time and answered my emails and phone calls whenever possible. Also, he help me obtained what I was entitled to. I am very pleased that Justice prevailed in my case. I will contact Mr. Adams if I ever need his counsel again. I will recommend Mr. Adams to anyone that I know and might need his counsel. Thank you so much.
– Ernesto, @ AVVO
Well versed and passionate Professional.

Scott is a "Tuned - In " Lawyer. One who LISTENS and provides input and insight options to the client in support of the collective cause. Great stand-up man with excellent lawyer knowledge. A patriot which I respect.
– Jesse @ AVVO

Scott handled a case for me in the past...All the great experiences I have to say to describe this firm wouldn't fit in the limited space given. So allow me to describe his firm concisely and accurately..." GETS THE JOB DONE"
Thank You Guys
– Juan, @ AVVO
Sharp as a tack.

First Rate in every way possible. I never for one second felt like i was misled or not in complete control of how I wanted to be represented. In my situation I ended up with the best possible outcome, and was able to keep my job. I would recommend LaBar & Adams without hesitation to any person with legal representation needs. I hope I never need to be in need of a criminal lawyer again, but if I did I wouldn't consider using anyone else. Thank you DB
– David B, @ AVVO
King of Lawyer's

The best representation I ever had through out the years. Very upfront with what to expect and not to expect. Hopefully I will not need your service again, but if there is ever a need. You are on my speed-dial Scott!! You and your staff are true professionals! Thanks Again!
– Dennis, @ Avvo
One of Orlando's Finest.

I recently had to obtain an attorney for a charge that was unwarranted. Ryan Labar proved to be the right choice. His ethics are of the highest standard, and he is willing to go the extra mile for his client. I have dealt with numerous attorneys throughout my life, most of which have sold me out on the drop of a dime. From my experience, I found that it is rare to find an attorney who will put his clients interest above his own interest or financial gain. Ryan Labar is one attorney who will do just that. He is well versed in both constitutional and criminal law, and he applies that law in every step of the process, seeking out ways to terminate the case with the best results at the earliest stages. He has handled two cases on my behalf in the past two years, both of which were dismissed long before they went to trial. I hold Mr. Labar in the highest regard, as he measures up to my highest of standards. I highly recommend his service if you are in need of a criminal or civil attorney who has what it takes to get the job done!
– Steven A. @ AVVO
Hard working firm.

Scott Adams is a partner at Labar/Adams. He and his whole legal team did a phenomenal job in executing my employment/workman's comp litigation. If your looking for a lawyer who is going to lie to get you compensation you're looking in the wrong place! Mr. Adams is honest and hard working and wins cases because of that, not because of dishonesty. Refreshing in a lawyer! While sometimes he can be moody, those times should be overlooked because they are few and far between. He is former military and shows that kind of discipline in the execution of his profession. Be on time and don't miss appointments! If you work with him he will work hard for you. He is focused on every detail of every case, the intricacies of the laws, and is always looking for backdoor opportunities to find justice for clients who have been wronged. Words to describe him: Professional, smart, fair, attentive, focused, incredibly hard working, good memory, slightly impatient.
– Todd, @ AVVO

Endorsements submitted by other attorneys in our AVVO profiles

  • Michael S. Waddington
    Military Law Attorney

    I endorse Ryan. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.
  • Jack Andreas Krumbein
    Personal injury, Immigration, Insurance, Litigation Attorney

    Scott is my number 1 go to lawyer for all matters employment & labor. He is thorough and cares about his cases. A true professional in every respect.
  • William Wynne
    Criminal Defense Attorney.

    Scott Adams is an excellent attorney, and a passionate advocate for his clients. I've had the pleasure of knowing him for the past few years, and I can honestly say he is one of the smartest, most driven lawyers I have ever met.
  • Gary Schwartz
    Criminal defense Attorney

    Ryan is an exceptional lawyer with a wonderful personality and an incredible work ethic. He has a stellar reputation with both lawyers and judges in the Orlando community. He couples a genuine good heart with earnest zeal in his quest to accomplish on behalf of his clients. I wholeheartedly endorse his abilities as an attorney.


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